The Composer, Feature Film

Renegade Entertainment is co-producing an epic movie
"The Composer", a tale inspired by a true story.
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A young Maestro in Sarajevo faces a brutal enemy intent on extinguishing the soul and culture of his people. The composer must choose to lay down his baton and take up a rifle to defend the city and the woman he loves.

Tohora, Feature Film

The struggle for survival in a drought-stricken Tahitian village is compromised by a religious leader's thirst for sacrifice and the arrival of a foreign Maori fleet. Will fear and sacrifice take over love and harmony?

Renegade Entertainment is collaborating on the development of a major motion picture "Tohora", an action and adventure tale taking place in 14th century Tahiti. Written by Armando Castagnoli and Jorge Diaz de Bedoya.

Unity Through Music, Feature Documentary Film

A citizen of Sarajevo uses his talent and his music to create unity in the war ravaged city. Dino Zonic brings to life his dream of Unity Through Music through a series of concerts all over the world and produces the first Peace Concert in Sarajevo after 1,425 days of siege. Watch here...

Ahima'a, Feature Documentary Film

An overview of the changes in nutritional habits and their consequences on the structure of family, society and the transmission of knowledge among Tahitians.

Renegade Entertainment distributes and represents the film for broadcasting deals with EURBAN FILMS and SONICTROPIC. World release on France Televisions International Network - May 18, 2011.

WAR STORIES, Feature Documentary Film

The P-38 Pilots of WWII

Renegade Entertainment produced this historical documentary about the pilots of WWII, which is now placed in the Smithsonian Aviation Institute archives.

Hiro, Feature Documentary Film

Renegade Entertainment is collaborating with director, Jorge Diaz de Bedoya to distribute his documentary movie "Hiro", a biopic about the Tahitian Hero.

Against all odds, Hiro organizes the Pacific resistance to Nuclear Testing in Tahiti. His weapons against Colonial power - theater, poetry, music, art, and films.


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